Enjoy a Performance At The Irving Arts Center

A man with glasses plays the violin in an orchestra.

Just nineteen minutes from your apartments in downtown Dallas is a premier destination known as the Irving Arts Center. Since opening in 1990, the center has become a hub of community celebration. It hosts around 1,400 performances every year and welcomes over 100,000 visitors. The center spans over 90,000 square feet and is the proud […]

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Shake Things Up at the Best Mixology Bars in Dallas

Two craft cocktails with straw and garnish sit on black napkins at a bar.

Though cocktails have long been a staple of the American bar scene, they seem to be gaining even more ground in popularity over the last couple of years. Classic pairings are always a hit, but the new trend seems to be crafting drinks with unusual pairings and ingredients. There are some fantastic cocktail bars that […]

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Take a Break from Reality at These DFW Virtual Arcades

Man in orange sweatshirt wear virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality immerses your senses to create an out of this world experience!┬áVirtual reality arcades provide a safe atmosphere for players of all ages. Beginners receive a tutorial on how to manipulate technical systems such as headsets, omnidirectional treadmills, goggles, and special gloves. The virtual environment generates appropriate, real-time responses to your interaction. These arcades […]

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