Sing Your Heart Out at These Dallas Area Karaoke Spots

karaoke microphone

Everyone loves singing—in your car, in the shower, even to your cat. Who doesn’t love to just let out a tune every now and then? Karaoke is a great way to show off your talents, but bar-style karaoke can be nerve-racking and singing in front of strangers can totally kill your vibe. Well, luckily for […]

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Visit the West End Historic District in Dallas

A group of people stand in front of a tank at an aquarium

Just six minutes from our downtown Dallas apartments is a vibrant destination full of shops, restaurants, and museums. The West End Historic District blends old-fashioned charm with modern elements and welcomes over seven million people every year. Highlights include: Old Red Museum  Originally a courthouse, the Old Red Museum highlights the history of Dallas from […]

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Enjoy a Performance At The Irving Arts Center

A man with glasses plays the violin in an orchestra.

Just nineteen minutes from your apartments in downtown Dallas is a premier destination known as the Irving Arts Center. Since opening in 1990, the center has become a hub of community celebration. It hosts around 1,400 performances every year and welcomes over 100,000 visitors. The center spans over 90,000 square feet and is the proud […]

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